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About the Author

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Decoding God Puzzle : Belief v/s Alleged Science Fiction book reading sample google play
Decoding God Puzzle belief v/s alleged science fiction book by andy educreation publishing
Decoding God Puzzle belief v/s alleged science fiction book author andy educreation publishing

Andy is based in Mumbai, India. He is a mass communication major from the USA & also has a degree in film-making.


Currently, he is a share trader in Mumbai. 


Writing is his hobby. He has a special interest in exploring the various mysteries of mankind. 


“I’m no expert, nor will I ever be one. Mysteries haunting mankind intrigue me the most, and I like writing about them.”

About the Book

Decoding God Puzzle belief v/s alleged science fiction book educreation publishing

ISBN: 978-1-61813-415-8

DECODING GOD, as the name suggests; is about explaining the mysterious god phenomenon that prevails in our society. I’ve taken a simple & direct approach to explaining the god phenomenon by taking help from research work done by others.


The book is written in a way that everyone can understand irrespective of his or her background in the subject. I’ve made it concise so that it remains interesting to read.


Furthermore, this book does not deal with the denial or acceptance of the existence of god but rather with the extent of god’s influence.


DECODING GOD takes a head-on approach to investigating the mysterious phenomenon of God. It takes help of prevailing belief systems to solve this mystery. Unfortunately, this raises more questions with no easy answers.


Ultimately, it is left to the readers to decide what explanation they’d like to believe — a belief in a god or a science fiction theory.

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